Take your Analytics to the Next Level: Review, Protect, Customize and Get More Actionable Insights

  • Review your settings and tracking code installation,
  • Protect your data from spam,
  • Track events: clicks on buttons, form submissions...
  • Custom dashboards to access your data easily,
  • Configure automatic reporting and alerts,
  • New! Create Data Studio Dashboards,
  • New! Block Dynamic IPs (Internal Traffic),
  • New! Implement Google Tag Manager.
  • Review and Enchance your Analytics for Better Insigths r

    Whether you have a small local website, an international business, or you are an Agency than manages several sites, I can help you set up a relaible Analytics.


    Google Analytics is probably the most powerful tool you can use to get information from your visitors and make important decisions about your business or website.

    But, what if you are basing those decisions on meaningless data?

    Simply adding the Google Analytics code to your site and collect all data as it comes, won’t be of much help and far from reliable. 

    You need to be sure your tracking code is correctly installed, your settings properly configured, and the necessary filters applied, so you can trust your data.

    Want a professional review of your Analytics?

    Settings and Code Review

    • Make sure your Analytics settings are correct and your tracking code is correctly implemented

    Spam and Other Junk Traffic Protection

    Keep your data clean and accurate:

    • Advanced filter for ghost spam,
    • Optimized filters for crawler spam,
    • Filters for internal traffic (static and dynamic IPs),
    • Clean corrupted from your historical data.

    Advanced Tracking and Configurations

    Track user engagement:

    • Goals and Event tracking:
      • Clicks on links and buttons,
      • Form submission,
      • And any other form of tracking.
    • Advanced segments,
    • E-commerce tracking,
    • Google Tag Manager implementation,
    • Blocking dynamic IPs.

    Customize Your Google Analytics

    Get more and better insights from your data:

    • Custom dashboards,
    • Custom reports,
    • Data Studio,
    • Scheduled emails and alerts.

    What Clients Say

    Your Analytics will be in Good Hands

    Analytics Expert

    I'm a Google Analytics Certified and an Expert at the Official Google Analytics Comunity. I've written various Analytics guides and articles on the Ohow.co blog and other well-known sites like MOZ.

    Over the last couple of years, I've helped over 400 sites from small local websites to international sites with millions of visits a month.

    Here is what some of my customers have to say about my service.

    If you have any question, you can contact me at carlos@carloseo.com